CCAdviser Features Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance

CCAdviser will guide you through each step of your evaluation evidence production, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to enter the correct information in the correct places. CCAdviser will ask you for the appropriate information for each evaluation document, and then organize it in a manner that is easy for the Lab Evaluator to read and understand, making it easier for everyone to move through all the evaluation steps in the most efficient manner possible. If, at any point, you wish to jump to a previous or future step, navigation through the steps is seamless. There is also a “Do It Yourself” option for those who are already familiar with the evaluation evidence requirements, and wish to enter the information in a different order.

Step-by-Step Features

  • Guided data entry
  • Easy to go back and forth
  • Detailed instructions provided for each step
  • "Do It Yourself" option

Other CCAdviser Features