Calculating Your ROI CCAdviser vs Consultant vs "Go It Alone"

You may be wondering if getting your product CC-certified is really worth the time and energy it will take to get it done. That is an excellent question! Here are some questions you may be pondering:

If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then your next question might be:

This, of course, will be an educated guess. But once you have identified a ball-park revenue increase, your next question might be:

You do have several options with regard to how you can get your product evaluated:

  1. Go it alone.

    This is a scary prospect, but maybe you are up for it. There will be a very large learning curve, and your evaluation will probably take longer than it would if you had some help. You will have to figure out what kind of information the lab wants from you, figure out how to provide it, and make sure everything is correct and complete.

  2. Hire an expensive consulting firm, or the consulting arm of a testing laboratory, to help you with the documentation and possibly the testing.

    This is certainly a viable option, if you have the funds to do it. Large consulting companies have a lot of overhead and employees to pay, so they will charge you a premium to assist you with your evaluation. One problem is that they don’t know your product as well as you and your team do. They will have to ask you a lot of questions, draft the evaluation documentation, then return the documentation to you for review. Then, after the lab reviews the documentation, they will come back to you with more questions so they can respond to the lab’s verdicts. That seems like a lot of extra work on your part for the amount of money you would have to pay them, doesn’t it? You can certainly draft your own CC documentation; all you need is a little guidance.

  3. Use CCAdviser to help you develop your documentation evidence and also provide training to help you understand what is needed.

    Of course, we believe this is the best option for you. You know your product better than anyone else, and SalusSec knows what you need to do to get the product CC certified. SalusSec’s CCAdviser has automated a lot of the work for you, and guides you through the process of capturing the required information then generating the documentation. All you have to do is submit it to the lab for review. When the lab comes back with verdicts, all you have to do is go back into CCAdviser and make the changes. Since you know what you put into the documentation, you are in the best position to respond to the verdicts and make the changes.

    But if you feel like you need a little one-on-one personal guidance, SalusSec can provide that, as well. Our CC experts can answer your questions, or even run your project for you. But you are in control of how much assistance you receive. You pay an hourly fee for only the amount of time you need our assistance.

To help you figure out the costs of each of these options, we’ve developed a spreadsheet with the number and type of personnel, number of hours, and costs of each option.

All you need to do is fill in a few amounts, then look at the bottom line to see how much each option will cost you. The amounts you will have to enter are highlighted in green: the hourly wage for each of the different types of employees from your company that will have to perform the work, and the quotes you receive from any consultants and labs for their services. These amounts will vary depending on the EAL or PP you choose to conform to for your evaluation, as well as which consultant and lab you wish to contract with. If you do not yet have these quotes, you can use the following as ballpark estimates (in US Dollars):

The spreadsheet will calculate the bottom line for you. Compare these values with the amount of additional revenue you think you will receive if you get your product CC-certified. You can then use this as justification for pursuing a Common Criteria evaluation.

To access the spreadsheet and download it, just click here:

Cost Comparison Form