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What is Common Criteria?

Do you have questions about what exactly Common Criteria is, and whether you need it? SalusSec can give you all the information you need to determine if CC is right for you.

Calculating your ROI

How will getting your product CC certified improve your bottom line? We can help you determine the best path forward for you and your product.

Moving Forward with your Common Criteria Evaluation

SalusSec can provide you with the level of assistance you need for your CC evaluations, from our Community offering (free of charge), to our Standard package, all the way to our Premium offerings.

CCAdviser Features

Step-by-step Guidance

CCAdviser will guide you through the process of generating the Common Criteria evaluation evidence, step-by-step. Or, if you prefer, you can enter the information in whatever order you wish with our "Do It Yourself" option.

Online Tutorials

CCAdviser provides tutorials on how to complete each step in the evidence-generation process.


In addition to the in-depth video tutorials, each step provides detailed written instructions on how to provide the required information.

Protection Profiles

CCadviser contains a database of Protection Profiles from which you can choose. The SFRs, SARs, Security Problem Definition, and other information will be automatically downloaded into your evaluation.

SFR Customization

When it comes time to fill out your SFRs, CCAdviser provides the selection options from which you may choose, as well as an explanation of what type of information is required for each assignment. Our online editor makes it easy to do refinements, and the copy function allows for iterations.

Charts and Reports

CCAdviser comes pre-equipped with standardized reports and charts so you can keep abreast of your progress through your evaluation.

SFR and SAR Catalogs

CCAdviser contains a catalog of all the standard SFRs and SARs, and those contained within the most popular Protection Profiles. You can also add your own to the catalog.

Security Problem Definition Catalogs

CCAdviser contains a catalog of all the standard Objective, Threats, Assumptions, and Policies, as well as those contained within the most popular Protection Profiles. You can also add your own to the catalog.

Reference Data

CCAdviser provides a wealth of reference data for use in your evaluation evidence documentation, such as EALs, Schemes, Labs, and Product Categories. CCAdviser also provides you with links to other helpful resources.

SalusSec is the key to your CC evaluation

SalusSec's products and services include:

  • CCAdviser
  • Online Training Video Library
  • Common Criteria Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Onsite Jump-start Training
  • Technical and Competitive Gap Analysis

SalusSec offers a full range of services to assist you with your Common Criteria evaluations. In addition to CCAdviser, our online automated tool, we provide one-on-one services to make sure you are successful in earning your Common Criteria certifications.

If you would like to just take a look at CCAdviser, you can log in as a guest (Userid= guest; Password=guest). You will not be able to add, modify, or delete anything, but you can move around in CCAdviser to get a feel for its features: CCAdviser Guest Access

Whether you are an experienced vendor just looking for an easy, inexpensive way to generate your CC evaluation evidence, or you still need a little additional training to set you on the right track, or you want us to guide you all the way through your CC evaluation, SalusSec is here to help!